When it comes to raising childrenthere is an old saying that states “it takes a village”. While it’s certainly true with little ones, the same could be said for many different aspects of our lives. We all need a little bit of a helping hand from time to time. When someone steps up to give you that hand let them know how much you appreciate it. A gorgeous bouquet is a thoughtful way to thank them for their help. 

When should I send thank you flowers?   

Ideally you want to send thank you flowers as soon after the event as possible. Sending a timely token of appreciation is the best way to show someone that you care.  

There are lots of situations that can warrant sending a bouquet, some of the less obvious ones include:  

For a job well done. People are so quick to complain when something isn’t done right, yet compliments are rarely passed on. Have you received exceptional service recently or had someone go out of their way to make sure you are happy? Why not send them a gorgeous arrangement to let them know how much you appreciated it?     

To thank the people who helped you graduate. Sending flowers to congratulate a graduate is widely accepted. If you are the graduate, why not send a thank you bunch to the people who were instrumental in helping you get to that point?  

Just because. Sometimes the help we receive is so much more than a single incident. Let people know how important the part they play in your life is with a thoughtfully filled bouquet.     

What flowers should I send? 

Flowers have long held special meaning, everything from the colour to the type of bloom can carry a message.  

For people close to you, where you know the type of flowers they like, try and source their favourites in pink, yellow or peach. 

Pink means admiration while yellow symbolises friendship and the joy your relationship with them brings. Peach has long been seen as a sign of appreciation, making it ideal for a thank you bouquet.  

If thank you flowers are intended for someone that you are not as familiar with, keep an eye out for hydrangeas, azaleas, campanulas, sweet peas or camellias.  

Hydrangeas are ideal for when someone has been particularly kind or understanding. 

Azaleas, camellias and campanulas all show gratitude. If you want to thank someone for a particularly well run event or entertaining outing, sweet peas are ideal.   

When it comes to sourcing the perfect bouquetwe are huge fans of Bloom Magic’s thank you flowers. You can search by colour and type to make it easy as pie to find the right bunch to express your gratitude.  

They also guarantee their flowers to last for a minimum of seven days. Ideal for making sure your token of appreciation is a long lasting one. If you want to take your thank you flowers up a notchthen why not add some delectable extras? A box of Belgian chocolates and a bottle of prosecco will provide a tasty treat for the lucky receiver.   

So, you’ve picked the colours, sourced the right type of blooms and perhaps even opted to include a little something extra. Have you forgotten anything? What about the all important message? Be sure to include card for the person who will be receiving the flowers. As exciting as receiving an anonymous bunch of beautiful blooms can be, you will want to make sure the person in question knows how grateful you are for their help! 

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